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Ascendant Show Results

Dark Match: "The Splendiferous" Alonzo Dee Hayes def Kenryu Takadoki

Austin Aries Promo

Match 1: Kaimana vs “The Kauai Kid” Noa Kaho’omana ended in DQ, Aleki made the save on Noa

Match 2: Jordy "The Serj" Michael def. Kiko Kekauoha with manger, Ahuna

Match 3: Bobby "The Lightning" Bolt def Makena Cruz with manger, Ahuna

Match 4: Giant Leather vs Kory Oliver, Giant Leather wins the match when Kory gets DQ'ed.

Match 5: "The Incredible" Chris Wilde def Beast

Match 6: Tiana Ringer def Shania Sky w/ Radiant Rain

Match 7: Ativalu def "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters

Match 8: Kaimana vs "The Pineapple King" Aleki. Austin Aries interjected himself into the match for his title defense 3/4 of the way into the match. Kaimana turned on Austin Aries for the win. New Unify Wold Champion Kaimana.

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