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The Story of UCE

“U.C.E” Unify Championship Entertainment presents the unveiling of its

flagship Hawaii wrestling federation. In conjunction with “WSTC” Wild

Samoan Training Center, UCE will provide both the necessary training for

local aspiring talent, and the platform by which to present it. The owners,

Aleki & Bonnie Maxson-Lee are both professional wrestlers with a combined

30 years of wrestling experience AND studies in kinesiology and nutrition.

Both are uniquely qualified to properly train local talent and to bring in

talent from accredited federations across the globe!

Aleki, a native of Hawai’i Nei, is committed to the values they (as islanders)

hold dear. As a second generation Polynesian wrestler, his roots run deep.

His great-uncle, Peter Maivia trained his father, Siva Afi, and the “wrestling

bug” bit Aleki as a young man. In order to pursue his life dream of wrestling,

he was forced to leave the islands in order to train with his uncle, head of

the “Samoan Dynasty,” Afa Anoa’i, 1/2 of the “Wild Samoans.” While

performing all over the United States, Aleki met his “soul mate” on more

than one occasion…if only he’d known it the first time around?!

As Bonnie explains it; “We met for the first time at WXW 9 years ago, fast

forward 8 years later we meet again at WXW. I was there supporting my

students and a first match experience for a trainee. I saw him bite a pineapple and spit it out during his match. I gave him props for the impromptu moment. After I left, we chatted online and he asked me out right away. I found out he had attempted to ask me on a date the first time around, but it wasn’t transparent enough for me all those years ago. This time I read it right and agreed to the date. What a ride it has been together since then! Traveling together to both our wrestling matches, schools and classes has been a blessing. Supporting one another during and after those matches. The sweetest proposal in DC amongst the cherry blossoms! Driving across the country with all 3 animals to make our flights on route to moving to Hawaii. Getting settled in, buying a wrestling company and starting our own business and lives together...WOW, it’s been a fantastic ride!”

Wrestling fans are traditionally family oriented and young, but they cross age barriers as well (adolescents through adults within the family unit). Because Hawaii is highly “family oriented,” we believe that building relationships with local families rings true to our island Ohana and will be well received. We will offer not only a quality entertainment experience, but we will do so in a”family friendly” environment encouraging return attendance.

One of the best ways to do this is to continually promote known, quality wrestlers already within other affiliated and accredited wrestling federations, as well as our own talent as it emerges. If a wrestler meets the strict criteria laid out by our wrestling professionals, they will be booked within these affiliated federations, including, but not limited to Japan, Europe, Mexico, Canada and the United States, increasing our footprint and internet (live-streaming traffic) across global boundaries.

UCE does not seek to fulfill its goals through direct ticket sales, rather its objective is to produce QUALITY productions of the highest level that transmit well to a “Live-Streaming” media environment. This, in turn, allows our fans to reach us via varied social media outlets and live-streaming venues. We will limit each show to plus or minus 500 attendees, which will suit our filming needs perfectly without sacrificing the comfort and safety of our audience.

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