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Unveiling December 22, 2018 Show Results

UCE Wrestling makes their debut in fashion. The first show, the “Unveiling” closes out the year with a bang! The fans in attendance got to witness 9 amazing matches and fans all over the world can still see it on FITE TV. The show featured not only local talent, but talent from around the world participating in a tournament to crown the first ever Unify World Champion. Dark Match: Chris Wilde defeated “The Kauai Kid” Noa Kaho’omana with his finisher the turn out Power-Nagi Match #1: Davey Cusano defeated Jordy “The Serj” Michael and Bobby “The Lightning” Bolt via submission to become the first ever Corona Premier Intercontinental Champion to advance into the Unify World Championship Tournament Match #2: “The Pineapple King” Aleki defeated “The Aloha Gangsta” Kaimana with his finisher The Pineapple Express and advances on in the tournament Match #3: In a Non-Title match, “The Samoan Stallion” Ativalu defeated The Corona Premier Intercontinental Champion Davey Cusano with a Big Boot to advance in the tournament Match #4: The Nightmarchers of Makena Cruz and Kiko Kekauoho with Ahuna defeated The Von Erich’s via a roll up on Marshall Von Erich Match #5: Austin Aries Defeated “The Samoan Stallion” Ativalu to advance to the finals Match #6: “The Pineapple King” Aleki defeated Jeff Cobb by reversing a sunset flip to advance to the finals Match #7: “The Radiant” Rain defeated Sumie Sakai with the Rain Drop (Implant DDT) Match #8: Austin Aries disqualified after hitting “The Pineapple King” Aleki with his own pineapple. Winner of the match Aleki and the Championship is vacant.

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