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Resurrection Show Results

Kiko of the Nightmarchers pins El Cuervo Guerrero via Wrath of Ku

Jared Newland pins Auron West

Marcus the Centaur rolls up Noa Kaho'omana, loser leaves the islands for a year

King Atape pins D$J after hitting ILL INTENT

AJ Radical retained 907 Wrestling Championship and defeats Kumu Oceans via DQ

The Nightmarchers defeat The Dashing One Eddie Dasalla and The Splendiferous Alonzo Dee Hayes

Kory Oliver becomes #1 Contender after defeating the Pineapple King Aleki, King Atape hits Aleki with a second ILL INTENT after the match and declared himself King

Chris Wilde becomes the first 2x Unify World Champion, defeating Kevin Matthews in an Island Street Fight

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