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A Show Has No Name Results & Photos

Dark Match: Kenriu vs. Skyler Barrier

Ref: Dorian Winner: Skyler Barrier via shining wizard

Match 1: Marty Oceans vs. Jordy Micheal Ref: Alonzo Winner: Jordy submitted Marty

Match 2: Lexie Fyfe vs. Shania Mane vs Tracy Taylor Ref: Dorian Winner: Tracy Taylor with the Surf Board Curb Stomp on Lexie Fyfe

Post match Rain attacks Shania Mane

Match 3: Makena Cruz w/ Ahuna vs. Noa Kauai Kid Ref: Alonzo

Winner: Noa hit the dead bird splash for the win

Match 4: Mark Anarchy vs. Bobby the Lightning Bolt Ref: Skyler Barrier Winner: Bobby submission on Mark

Match 5: Kory Oliver vs. Chris Wilde

Ref: Dorian Winner: Kory with distraction of Kaimana roll up and pulled Chris’s tights

Match 6: Kiko w/ Ahuna vs. Giant Leather

Ref: Alonzo Winner: Giant Leather

Match 7: Mercedes Martinez vs. Rain

Ref: Skyler Barrier Winner: Rain with her implant DDT

Match 8: Aleki vs. Kaimana in a 4 corners of hell no dq

Ref: Skyler Barrier Winner: Kaimana with help from Kory Oliver

Finishing move frog splash with 2 chairs from Kaimana

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