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Vindicta Show Results and Photos

Dark Match: Alonzo “Splendiferous” def Mart Oceans Match 1: Kaimana introduced Kory Oliver as his new partner and Aleki introduced Ativalu and challenged them to a tag match. Match 2: Rain came out and explained her opponent Taya Valkyrie was injured in a math the previous night. Rain challenged her student Ryan, “Because of the way Ryan was eye balling her belt”. Rain def. Student Ryan Match 3: Chris Wilde def Mark Anarky Match 4: The Nightmarchers with Ahuna def. HI Voltage Match 5: Malia Hosaka def. Shania Mane w/ Rain Match 6: Giant Leather def. Noa “Kauai Kid” Match 7: Yoshitatsu Def. Davey Cusano and now is the New Corona Premier Intercontinental Champion Match 8: Modern Day Savages def. Kaimana and Kory Oliver. At the end of the match Kaimana and Kory attached Ativalu and injured his knee.

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