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Fan Contest at Vindicta

UCE Wrestling is offering an unique contest for fans that will be attending the Vindicta show on March 30th, 2019!

The contest is simple, but it requires your creativity! UCE Wrestling wants fans to dress up as their favorite UCE Wrestling Superstar. The fan that does the best with their Cosplay gear will be picked during the intermission. The winner will receive a prize from UCE Wrestling at intermission as well as their photo with the UCE Wrestling Superstar.

Be sure to check out the Roster page here on to get your creative juices flowing. Please note, some superstars on the Roster page are guest stars that may not be on at the Vindicta show, but if you are dressed as a guest superstar from the roster, you will get your photo with the one of the owners of UCE Wrestling, "The Pineapple King" Aleki or Radiant Rain.

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