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Hana Hou Results & Photos

Below you can read the results and view images from each match by clicking on the photos.

Match 1: “The Kauai Kid” Noa Kaho’omana beat Kory Oliver with the Dead Bird Splash.

Match 2: Bobby “The Lightning” Bolt beat Nightmarcher Kiko Kekauoha who was accompanied by Ahuna.

Match 3. Afa Jr. beat Chris Wilde with a Samoan Splash.

Match 4. Austin Aries called out the “Pineapple King” Aleki for a match saying he couldn't wait until the end of the night to get this over with. Kaimana came to the ring in support for Aleki, but ended up turning on him, which Aries capitalized on and beat him with a brain buster for the 1, 2, 3. Austin Aries is now the first ever Unify World Champion.

Match 5. Jordy “The Serj” Michael beat the Nightmarcher Makena Cruz accompanied by Ahuna.

Match 6. Giant Leather beat Jackson Stone.

Match 7. The Radiant Rain retained her title when Su Yung spit blood into the face of the officiant when Rain pulled the red to protect herself.

Match 8. World Famous Yoshitatsu beat Kaimana with his spinning heel kick from the top rope.

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