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Pumpkin Festival Match Results

EVENT: Aloun Farms 18th Annual Pumpkin Festival

DATE: October 13th, 2018

9:15 AM Segment

Match #1: The Night Marchers Makena Cruz and Kiko Kekauoha managed by Ahuna vs The Devil Slayers Of Jordy “The Serj” Michael and Bobby Bolt.

The Night Marchers get the victory when Kiko Kekauoha pinned Bobby Bolt.

11:15 AM Segment

Match #1: The Night Marchers faced each other in a loser buys plate lunch match - Kiko Kekauoha vs Makena Cruz.

Makena Cruz is victorious against Kiko Kekauoha. It is still unknown if Kiko held his end of the bargain and bought plate lunch.

Match #2: Triple threat match - Kaimana vs “Kauai Kid” Noa Kaho'omana vs Aleki accompanied by Radiant Rain.

Kaimana gets the victory by pinning Aleki with a hand full of tights taking advantage of Aleki’s distraction when his fiancée Radiant Rain jumps up on the apron in an attempt to help him. After the match it was clearly heard that Aleki was trying to explain to Radiant Rain that “this is not how we do things in the islands...this is not our way.”

1:15 PM Segment

Match #1: “Kauai Kid” Noa Kaho'omana vs Jordy “The Serj” Michael.

The “Kauai Kid” gains an impressive victory with a beautiful Ariel 360 Frog Splash over Jordy Michael despite suffering a head injury mid way through the match.

Match #2: “The Modern Day Legend” Kaimana vs “The Modern Day Savage” Aleki accompanied by Radiant Rain.

Despite Kaimana’s early attempts to use a baby as a shield, Aleki pulls off the victory avoiding Kaimana’s frog splash and hitting his own on The Modern Day Legend.

Photography by Eric

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