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Height: 5’5 1/4
Weight: 133
Native: St Paul, MN
Trained By: Eddie Sharkey, Horace the Psychopath, Lexie Fyfe, Grand Apache, and Kaoru Ito
Trained: October 2000

Debut Match: October 2001
Finishers: Acid Rain (Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex), Rain Drop (Implant DDT), and Rain

Busta (Brain Busters)

1/2 of the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew
1/3 of the International Home Wrecking Crew
TNA Knockout Ms. Payton Banks
1/2 Las Gringas Locas
1st Ever Shine Champion
Co-owner of Unify Championship Entertainment/UCE Wrestling

First ever Kaimana Women’s Champion

Head Trainer at the Slam Shack and Wild Samoan Training Center HI

IWA Mid South Original, Shimmer Original, ROH/WOH Original, TNA Knockout, AAA

Lucha Libre Luchadora, Shine Original, DIANA, WSU, WXW, AWA, CZW, RISE, and

Pro Wrestling Eve

Has competed all over the USA, Mexico, Japan, and England

Twitter: radiant_rain
IG: bmaxfitness

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