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El Guerrero Cuervo


Height: 5'8''
Weight: 205
Native: Aerocibo, Puerto Rico

Hometown: Tampa Bay, Florida
Trained By: Brian Cannon (Ryukyu Dog Dingo), Gurukun Mask, Hibiscus Mii in Okinawa, Japan and Anthony Idol

Debut Match: February 2018

Finishers: Murderous Death Drop (Reverse DDT), Fallton Bomb (Swaton Bomb)

Signatures: Negro Effect (Uranage Slam), Ushigoroshi Neck Breaker

Nicknames: The Omen

El Guerrero Cuervo (Translation: The Crow Warrior) debuted in Okinawa, Japan under Ryukyu Dragon Professional Wrestling and as traveled throughout Japan, wrestling with notable names from Dragon Gate, Freedoms, and many more within the Japanese Professional Wrestling scene. He is a second generation wrestler.

Intsagram: elguerrerocuervo12

Twitter: ElCuervo_92
Facebook: El Guerrero Cuervo

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