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Height: 5'9''
Weight: 202
Native: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Trained By: Eddie Sharkey, Terry Fox

Debut Match: November 2000

Finishing Move: Brain Buster

One time Defiant Champion
One time DEFY Wrestling Champion
One time EPW Heavyweight Champion
One time IPW:UK World Champion
One time MAW Junior Heavyweight Champion
One time MCW Light Heavyweight Champion
Two time MIAW Cruiserweight Champion
Two time MIW Cruiserweight Champion
One time NWA Midwest X Division Champion
Two time NPW Cruiserweight Champion
One time PWW Heavyweight Champion
Two time ROH World Champion
One time ROH World Tag Team Champion with Roderick Strong
One time SDW Tag Team Champion with Ted Dixon
One time Impact Grand Champion
Three time TNA World Heavyweight Championship/Impact World Champion
One time TNA World Tag Team Champion with Bobby Roode
Six time TNA X Division Champion
Fifth Impact Grand Slam Champion
Two time WSW World Heavyweight Champion

First ever Unify World Champion

Twitter: AustinAries

IG: austinhealyaries

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